a perfect day for a Quilt show

It was 95 degrees outside this afternoon. In Michigan, in September. Not your typical day in our corner of the world. So what to do when it is that hot outside? Go to an air conditioned Quilt show!

2017-09-01 07.49.58
Curls by Vicki Holloway

I met my mom at the show in Birch Run, MI. They have an expo center and it had a nice number of quilts and vendors in the show. It was fun to leisurely view the quilts, vote for a viewers choice and chat with the vendors. I did buy one thing and you will never guess what it is………wait for it……. a Wool applique pattern book. I have a shoe box full, might as well use it!

Here is a video of our walk through and observations:

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Here are a few pics of quilts I thought were very inspiring!


And the vertical line trend at this show:

2017-09-23 12.54.24

I like the vertical column idea very much as a layout. 2017-09-23 13.02.00

And my favorite colors in a really sweet star pattern!

Overall, it was a great day. I did see a sample of the Petoskey stone fabric at Hearts to Holly’s booth, a  shop in Charlevoix, Michigan. My name is on the wait list for their next shipment. More on that when it gets here.

Now to beat the heat at home by watching football in my lovely 100 year old home. Did I tell you we installed central air conditioning many years ago? Ahhhh….



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