Throw Back Thursday

Did you know I used to have a blog on a different host? In fact I had 2 previous hosts before WordPress.  I love blogging and I thought it would be fun to go into a time machine and look back at a post that I wrote a few years or 5 ago to see what I was doing then and chuckle at how dated my post is and if the pictures are still there lol! My have my tastes changed and my skills have grown,too. I don’t think I have changed much but my hair may have! I will put a link at the end for you to go to the original post and see it in all its glory!

Lets so in the Way Back Machine and see what I was working on. In 2008 here is a block exchange I was coordinating and the blocks  that all the swappers were making, see picture above. We were all into traditional blocks, civil war repros and everything burgundy and brown. I love this quilt and it reminds me of friends and how much we really cared about each other.

Here is a post from October 2008, I want to add that shortly after this I became very ill and it took me a couple of years to recoup from my thyroidectomy and follow up treatment.  Here is the post :


Enjoy a trip down memory lane.  I am so glad that I didn’t delete this blog. I think it makes me laugh, cry and see how far I have some.

Quilt on ,


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