Piece and Quilt Blog Hop Week 3

2017-09-14 09.58.17
Piece and Quilt with Precuts by Christa Waston, my version of gridwork behind book pic by Vicki Holloway

Welcome to the third week of the blog hop! You can go back and read week one here. I am joining Kristin and Hollyanne for a 5 week journey in exploring the book by Christa Watson Piece and Quilt with Precuts . Be sure to get your copy here  or Amazon carries the book as well. I am journaling about making my version of Gridwork from the book and I will show my progress each week. The quilt is on a journey, too, from Northern Michigan to a booth at the International Quilt Market and Show in Huston in November!  I hope to have it all finished by the end of the hop! I am making my quilt from Christa’s fabric that will be available in November. It is called Modern Marks by Benatex. Click on the link to see all of the collection. It is so gorgeous! Ask for it at your local quilt shop.

2017-09-28 19.37.15
Gridwork by Vicki Holloway

I have finalized the block / color placement and sewed Gridwork together. I believe I have the colors evenly distributed throughout the quilt. Every fabric of the Modern Marks line by Christa Waston is in this quilt!


2017-09-01 10.09.42
Test blocks from by Piece and Quilt book sewn by Vicki Holloway

This week I make a test block called Star Struck, pictured here with SWAK and Squiggles . I am making one block of each quilt in this book and I plan to make a sampler quilt to remember this hop! It gives me a chance to understand the directions and plan colors, etc ,if I wanted to make this block into an entire quilt.

2017-10-01 11.05.21
Free Motion Quilting step outs by Vicki Holloway

I wanted to show all the stitches featured in the book and I am making some decisions on how I want to quilt Gridwork. I haven’t finalized a quilt plan and it may not highlight stitches from the book. There are 12 stitches that are talked about in the book in total and I have used them all in my longarm quilting career. I happen to be working on a custom quilt right now and these stitches from the book were perfect for the quilt. Enlarge the photo above and follow the arrows to make the shape! Since wavy lines were already featured in early blog hop poses,  here are a few I want to show on a quilt!

Zig Zag

2017-09-27 12.48.11
Zig Zag by Vicki Holloway

Ribbon Candy

2017-09-27 16.44.41
Ribbon Candy and pebbles by Vicki Holloway

Crazy 8s

2017-09-27 12.48.30
Crazy 8’s by Vicki Holloway



2017-09-27 16.44.24
Stipple by Vicki Holloway

Loops and Hearts

2017-08-22 07.26.13
Loops and Hearts meander by Vicki Holloway

Double Circles or Olives

2017-09-27 12.48.57
Double Circles or Olives by Vicki Holloway

Did any of these free motion quilting ideas jump start your Creativity? I know that once I get going then it all just seems to flow out on the quilt without too much over-planning on my part. Next week, we will talk about my favorite FMQ—- graffiti style or a mash-up of all the stitches you know! I never plan it an it is an all over improv quilting stitch for me. Just like graffiti!

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Quilt on,





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