Throwback Thursday #tbt




Did you know I used to have a blog on a different host? In fact I had 2 previous hosts before WordPress.  I love blogging and I thought it would be fun to go into a time machine and look back at a post that I wrote a few years or 5+ years ago to see what I was doing then and chuckle at how dated my post is and if the pictures are still there lol! My have my tastes changed and my skills have grown , too. I don’t think I have changed much but my hair may have! I will put a link at the end for you to go to the original post and see it in all its glory!

Click on the link to take you to the time machine in 2008. This post shows my 4 patch posey all cut and ready to sandwich. I can’t believe that I used quilt without a design wall, I love mine so much now! There are several short non quilt posts in Novenber and December 2008 so feel free to poke a bout the sight to see what I was up to. You can start singing Barbara Streisand’s version of Memories right about now for the best experience.

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