Throwback Thursday #tbt


2017-02-17 12.51.49

I was reading about my life in 2008 and I am so glad we don’t have the 100 inches of snow by Christmas currently that we did that year! We have just a few inches on the ground and haven’t use the snowblower yet in 2017.


As I continued to read about what I was doing then, it was not all fun. I am not going to post those but it was a time when we had a dog eating my quilt blocks and I would get very frustrated. I can laugh about that now. And a time when we had some issues with family members and had to clean out their apartments. Ugh. I can’t laugh about that because it wasn’t the last time I had to do it. Good times were had however,  with family holiday celebrations. Good thing because the holidays are all about joy, peace and love!

I am sharing a link to a block exchange in 2009. I still love this block and think I am going to make it again in more bold, contemporary prints. I could also make more modern. I shall ponder the possibilities. During this time I was stash busting and keeping track of what I used up. I also share the finished Road to the White House quilt.

PS I don’t really have much of a stash to this day. I have a bit more fabric now than I did then but it is mostly scraps that need to be purged!

Quilt on!





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