Free-Motion Meandering Blog Hop Week 1

2016-07-28 07.06.27
Basic Meander or stipple, check out the back for best view

Angela Walters has written a wonderful new book about free motion  meanders!!! Can you hear me cheering?!?! You can buy a copy here!  Hang out till the end of the blog hop after 4 weeks and we will have some surprises!  Be sure to check out Kristin’s blog and Jen’s blog. , too.   I am so thrilled to be talking about free motion quilting with you! I long arm and I do custom quilting for other people but what most customers want is a meander. Meanders let the piecing be the star, its more economical, and it practical for everyday use on a quilt .  Plus, you can’t beat the texture of a meander!

This book is great for a person who wants to get all the skills needed to learn how to do free motion quilting. Angela is a master quilter and she is easy to understand. She made me want to go forth and quilt! So guess what, I did! On my basic sewing machine… that is the blue fabric with white thread in the slide show below. The rest of the pictures are done on my long arm.

The book is written for a quilter using a sewing machine at home. YES you don’t need a long arm to do this, however, if you have one and want to learn how to free motion quilt this book is for you, too.  I dusted off my free motion quilting skills on my little machine and I DID IT! YES!!!!

The first pattern was called a stipple when I first started quilting. When you learn this basic building block you will be ready to learn the next skill , the loopy meander. It is essential to learn direction changes, how to fill a space and practicing the shapes for the next meanders coming !

2017-03-05 10.20.00
loopy meander with snowflakes, I love the red thread on the white!

Once you learn how to fill a space evenly, you can get creative. I added hearts in one quilt in the loopy meander. The other quilt I added snowflakes with the other loopy meander . The possibilities are endless!

Next week we will talk about the next two patterns in the book. Practice, practice, practice is the key to learning. Make a few little sandwiches and practice till you are ready tackle a quilt!

Quilt on!,




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