Free Motion Meandering week 4 and a giveaway!

Angela Walters has written a wonderful new book about free motion meanders!!! Can you hear me cheering?!?! You can buy a copy here!  A GIVEAWAY is underway!  To enter please leave a comment  on this post.  Be sure to check out Kristin’s blog and Jen’s blog.  You can  read all about how they did on this final week of the blog hop and enter their giveaways as well for additional chances to win!

I am so thrilled to be talking about free motion quilting with you! I long arm and I do custom quilting for other people but what most customers want is a meander. Meanders let the piecing be the star, its more economical, and it practical for everyday use on a quilt . Plus, you can’t beat the texture of a meander!



2017-05-16 11.20.17

This week is a feather meander. I really had to practice it a lot on paper before doing it on  a quilt. I mean a lot, every chance I had to doodle it out was needed  so I could get the feel for filling a space. However, the results are stunning! A feather as a meander you ask? Well it is done in an all over pattern as an edge to edge and that makes it a meander! 2017-05-16 11.20.552017-05-22 20.09.07

The texture on this quilt is really defined. and doesn’t detract from the piecing. You get a nice all over visual that allows the block to do the talking!

2016-07-04 08.03.532016-03-30 07.53.40wp-1490213418293.jpg


I loaded this pink fabric with a little inserted ombre strip to specifically practice and it fit for  the last lesson in the book, improv quilting! YES MY FAVORITE! PS I used this quilt photo in another blog hop last year but I could NOT resist sharing it again as my example.

There is nothing more ZEN then having a quilt as an empty canvas and you just let the stitches form into amazing patterns. But lets break it down a little- these are motifs that were practiced earilier in the book plus a few of my own ad libs, connected by some echoing and traveling lines, and then you have Magic on your quilt! It is so much fun. Don’t let a blank canvas scare you.  For real, you just have to dive into the deep end of the pool and just start… you may not stop till the whole quilt is done!

Don’t forget to leave a comment to enter the giveaway. We are giving away a copy of the book by Angela Walters , Free Motion Meandering generously sponsored by C and T Publishing Company. If you live in the US you can get a paper copy of the book or a digital copy, international winners will receive a digital copy. Please be sure your email is in the comment! Winner will be chosen on March 4, 2018.

I hope you were inspired to give free motion meanders a try. Angela’s teaching style is excellent and the book will help you on your journey to master free motion quilting!

Quilt on



  1. This book looks wonderful. I am trying to learn to free motion quilt, but am not very good at it. I need help!!


  2. I love Angela’s work and watch her whenever I can. I like that she emphasizes you don’t need to be perfect.


  3. I really want to learn free motion quilting. I have ordered the sewing foot and as soon as it comes, I will be starting. I can’t wait.


  4. I have watched all of Angela’s videos and many others! Practice like crazy on paper. Quilted a few mini’s and baby quilts. But FMQing still intimidates me! Do you ever get over it? I have over 14 bed sized quilts that need to be quilted. This book would be the winning factor for me to complete all of my UFO’S!


  5. I like the improv idea! When you get tired of a pattern, switch to another. Sure beats doing a king size quilt with the same pattern that seems like forever!


  6. Hi Vicki, I signed up for your blog so I hope to have a look around too
    I would love a long arm quilting machine. They are so fun to use as well
    I love your quilting style!


  7. Always love your work Vicki! I also love feathers. Maybe this book could get me motivated to try more quilting! I am always impressed to see how much you get done in your small time increments….we always think we need the whole day!


  8. I’d say you’ve got this meandering technique mastered! I would have to practice a ton on paper, too, and that is just what I will do to get more comfortable with FMQ. Beautiful work and it really takes an awesome quilt to another level!


  9. Beautiful quilting. This meander gives great texture, beautiful designs on the solids and lets the piecing stand out. Perfect choice.


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