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2017-08-01 15.21.20

This photo is from last year but I am getting spring fever.  I started to sort and reset my creative space. I can’t call it a studio but I guess it is even though I sew on my kitchen talbe. Right off the dining room is a tiny room  and that is where my fabric, patterns, yarn notions and all stuff related to my creating is. Off the living room is a room that is dedicated to all of our musical instruments. That needs a good sorting out too. The snow melting has inspired me to get the spring cleaning started even though we are several weeks away from having any green leaves and no snow.

I really think I get inspiration in the oddest places. I went to IKEA yesterday and saw so many things that I wanted to do to the house. I think I want a style in my house because for years it has been whatever we were given and what was on sale…. and on Pinterest the search category is Boho Chic and my sister told me to search because she likes it. I thought no, I want more Zen or more Scandinavian. Maybe I needed to be a minimalist, ha, you have no idea about the stuffed closets.

Then I went DUH, that is exactly the style of my new logo! I am going to link my ongoing Pinterest Board here:  https://pin.it/wou55jeijg5kgo

It is really a pretty accurate vision of what I want to do around here eventually. My favorite thing is the room with the Highland Cow photo in the pins. It has inspired me to get my macramé skills dusted off… yeah I am old enough to have done it in the 1970’s as a very , very young child 😉 ….. and I love the idea of a big wall piece. I haven’t felt this interested in how my house has looked in a long time. Must be spring fever!

In the meantime, I have sorted 2 trash bags of crumb sized fabric and gave away a bag. I have thrown out all forms junk and think I am on the way to having a Boho Chic place. LOVE!!!

Quilt on,


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