Our Creative Souls

2017-06-18 16.36.22

Been a great week for creating! I have to say that the additional sunshine has also had me very interested in watching the snow melt off of the flower beds and watching shows about gardening. I love to garden in the spring but then I get busy over the summer and the enthusiasm can wear off sometime in June for me but Nancy has a very large garden that she works in all summer. I have perennials, a few containers and a few raised beds for my fairy gardens. Nancy has all types of flowers and vegetables. I plan to make a mini indoor fairy garden this weekend so I can have one on my desk at work… and dream of warmer weather and plants. Nancy has been making fairy garden accessories with clay and other materials. More to come on that, so exciting! Here are a couple things she has been working on:




As part of my research for Boho Chic for my home on Pinterest, I saw lots of texture and a revival of macrame! I loved making wall hangings and plant hangers in the 70’s when I was a kid. I have to say, I haven’t forgot and I love making knots still! Here is a little video on the basic square knot! Love the use oversized,  large chunky cord and with the crafts stores being local these days, I can start up a project whenever I want. SO I DID!

Hope you have had time to be creative and dream because that’s when the magic happens!

Create on,



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