This Can’t be April Part 2

2014-11-19 13.16.51

Another weekend in April where we were snowed in with an incredible amount of snow,  and today it changed to freezing rain.  I took some pictures but I didn’t post them on social media because, well, honestly I am sure the universe is sick of seeing snow and ice photos! I think I will make a video montage instead for this weeks blog post. So it will be a wordy post…..

I am very happy that I have a house full of supplies, food, power, heat, and an abundance of quilts to keep warm with. Overall, it has been over a week of snow , cold and all around weather similar to January, well , except it is April and we usually have plants starting to grow and all the spring things. Don’t worry about the fairy garden, it should be just fine…. the plants are used to it. Spring cleaning never gets finished around here till May because of the weather…. so  life just slowed down for a bit for the past week. Actually it been kinda nice for me, no so much  for my poor husband who has had to keep the driveway open,   he isn’t really enjoying that part of it all. Hey, it encouraged me to make stew in the crockpot… well it was terrible till my husband spiced it and then it was delicious. I really dislike cooking in case you didn’t know and I rely heavily on my husband for help in that department.

I have had a banner week of sewing and quilting. I finished long arming several customer quilts. I did one with a feather that was a little different than the usual one I make. It is my favorite kind so far. I have been sewing a daily , or nearly daily , improv challenge. This has proved to be a very good exercise in exercising creativity. I found someone on Instagram with a great idea, you take 3 fabrics for 30 minutes for 30 days and make an improv block each day. I hope that it comes together to make something cohesive in the end!

I have also been working on a quilt that is a fussy cut Economy block from Michael Miller fabrics. The Peter Pan line is due out in Mid July. So watch for it , it is truly adorable. I love it because it is not just for kids and it really tickles my inner child.

I have been working on trying new creative things and those projects have been chatted about on the My Creative Corner3 Facebook group and  I have featured many on Our Creative Souls, the Instagram page for all the crafts that my sister and I are doing. I did something totally new and foreign to me yesterday. I won an art basket a few years ago in a fundraiser silent auction. It had a top end water color painting supplies in it. I decided to get it out and play around. I pushed the paint on the page. I decided it makes a great color wash for Zentangle. I love the color washing. I don’t think painting would be an artistic passion for me but it was a great thing to try. I learned so much doing this little experiment.

I have been knitting in the evenings. I finished another 6 crochet chemo hats so about 12 since the first of the year  and I  was ready to move on to something different. I was digging thru my yarns and I found  one skein of a Bamboo pop yarn. It’s 50% cotton and 50% bamboo. It is a thin yarn and I decided to get my One Skein Wonder book out and cast on a shawl. I love these fibers and it doesn’t make me itch or turn red! I have another skein in a different color in this yarn and I may make another shawl just like this because I have a problem with sensitive skin and redness. And I love easy shawls.

I want to encourage you to watch my latest YouTube video about being Frugal or Cheap and how it relates to my thoughts about Self Worth, and I am pretty proud of the content.  I am upgrading my Pinterest Pins and have found that upping my game has been really worth the time invested, so please check it out and let me know what you think of my boards.

I am going to publish a podcast this week about the benefits of creating and art so watch for that! I have been reading lots of articles and research papers to prep for the podcast, so it has been fun. Plus, I stepped up my game by purchasing a new little mic cover and what a difference the test clips sound like. Who knew a little item could make such a difference!

I hope this week in review encourages you to be creative and quilt on!






  1. What a wonderful way to look at yourself – and myself! Gave me pause to think about what you were saying- I am the same way- I can’t t turn down a sale, whether I will use it now or maybe in a few years – keep it handy in case I should ever need it – ha! I just cleaned out my shed – so hard to let things go, but, pat on the back, I did- phew! Enjoyed listening to you, Susan

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  2. That snow!! Our snow from winter has not completely melted yet. But it’s getting there. I want to start gardening!

    I watched your cheap v frugal video. Darn it, Vicki, you seem to know me so well. I need to start asking if I’m being cheap or frugal. And I need to use up that jelly roll that I bought in 2010.

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