Our Creative Souls

2016-07-29 14.11.19

Our Creative Souls is the project of  sister, Nancy and Vicki , who share all the crafts that they work on . Vicki is the host of My Creative Corner3 blog and podcast and she wanted to expand to a weekly post about the ‘other’ crafts she and her sister have been working on . Be sure to check out the Our Creative Souls Instagram and Facebook page so you do miss any post!

Nancy is preparing for a spring craft sale. She is making fairy garden items to sell and plants. She has done this for the past few springs and finds it a wonderful way to get inspired to be outside, spruce up the garden and make a magical place for fairies both in the home and out in the garden. Here are a few pictures of her projects:

Vicki has been working on quilting things up of course, but she has continued to make a garter stitch knit shawl for relaxation after work . She is using a bamboo and cotton yarn that is really nice for spring in a variegated green.

She also sewed up a few snips baskets made from left over quilt sandwich  practice pieces. Perfect for keeping those threads and such in one place. Then she needed a phone/tablet stand and one of her friends made one with ribbons on it to hold Wonder clips… and it can also house a few pins for those sewing projects! Here are a few pics:


And Vicki found a wonderful program to make graphics so here is one using a pic of the flowers that someone at the office received!


We hope today’s post encourages you to be creative!!!

Vicki and Nancy

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