May podcast and more #iamthequeenofswirls


Listen to the Podcast here!

Here is the video where I show how  I made swirls on my long arm:

Here are the three gardening shows I have been watching.

Love your Garden on Netflix:

Big Dreams, Small Spaces on Netflix:

Garden Rescue on You Tube :

Design things:

Trading Spaces is back:

My Instagram feed is @vickilholloway  where you can see my improv blocks and the photo challenge.

Feng Shui : article where I started my research

I love to learn and study new things.

Be Creative and Quilt on!




  1. I love listening to your podcasts. You have such a soothing voice and your topics are spot on with me. I’m so glad you are getting in control of your pain. I also live with chronic pain and find watching what I eat and exercise helps keep me on track.


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