Back to reality



2016-05-30 17.13.07Spent the weekend out of town at the first Highland Games of the summer. We were in Alma, Michigan.  It was a scorching hot 91 degree weekend. I still loved watching the games, listening to the bagpipes and all things Scottish. Saw friends I only see in summer and visited with my parents.

The good news is we had a hotel with good air conditioning . In our way out of town, our a.c. died at home. Thus is in the heels of several bad news things over the past week. My hairdresser isn’t working anymore, family illnesses and work changes. Financial stress of a large repair in the truck and a stopped l kitchen sink.

We came back from a weekend of good times to a harsh reality of heat and the potential cost of the repair.

The weekend was also my birthday and we celebrated with cupcakes, cheese cake and prime rib. I had a lovely time having dinner on my birthday with my son and his future bride.

I wanted to give some sage advice on getting older. I couldn’t think of much…. and I saw a meme that said it all…. I will repost the words here:


Life is very short

So, break your silly ego, forgive quickly, believe slowly, love truly, laugh out loud and never avoid anything that makes you smile!

Here are a few videos from the weekend thay made me smile!



Quilt on!



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