Cue the music! It was a time when I wore bell bottom pants, had feathered hair, and hemp jewelry was king. I made all kinds of macrame things during my childhood. If you remember this song from the 70’s you will hum it through the whole blog post but if you don’t know the song here it is on YouTube:



Shambala is the name of the kits that the Solid Oak company chose for these bracelet kits. I love the Rose Quartz in this and the sparkly pink beads are the perfect compliment! Just enough bling but not too much for me to wear! A perfect update to the 1970’s jewelry I used to make and the cord is smooth, easy to wear and better yet, easy to work with!

Click on photo and swipe to see the bracelet on!

Macrame is making a huge comeback and you can make all kinds of projects with knowing just a few beginner knots! . You only need to know how to make a square knot for this project and how to add a bead skill. There are photos in the direction that come with the kit but here is a video I made on how to tie a square knot:

Tools I needed outside of the bracelet kit:


  • needle to push the cord through a bead
  • lighter to melt the ends of the cord
  • clipboard to secure the bracelet to while making it
  • Scissors
  • tape measure


The rest is as easy as 1, 2, 3! The directions and artwork were fabulous in this kit and if you are new to macrame that is not a problem.


So set the mood with a little music and enjoy making this bracelet. You can find these kits at many hobby and craft stores but here is their website so you can see all they offer:


I am definitely making more things. However, the next project will be of my own design! I cannot wait to get started…. And I am making something with green beads!


Be creative!




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