Shark Week !


2015-09-29 16.00.50

It is the 30th annual Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. I watch it every year with anticipation and excitement. Wow some of it is so amazing, a little crazy and overall some of my favorite TV. I love how they have made us all want to help the sharks by the education provided on the shows. SHOWS! They have so many over the week.

I wish I could scuba dive and see the beautiful world under all the water. That’s why I love this week so much. The beauty of the ocean. And the role sharks play in the world.

I needed the brain candy of this weeks shows. As I have said before, I miss shows on TV and series we watch with anticipation. I have spent more time on You Tube watching videos. They great but I miss the sit down as a family and watch shows you talk about at work the next day. I love to wind down each night watching shows especially nature shows.

Life has been a little different around here. Lots of time spent going to hospitals and visiting sick family and friends. Lots of doctors to talk to, tests completed and decisions made. Don’t get me wrong , it is where my husband and I needed to be , but it is exhausting  on all levels. So shark week couldn’t have been timed any better!

I hope to see Big Blue the Great White! Maybe the Queen Hammerhead and most of all my favorite scientists who have spent their lives studying these animals and how we can help!

I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat!


Michigan where the Great Lakes are Unsalted and Shark fee.

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