You Tube Update

2016-01-14-07-58-32I made a video yesterday. I can’t believe a month had gone by. I added a little show and tell video. I also updated my latest podcasts you that is current. I seem to have people watching the videos so that has encouraged me to make more. I have to say videos are the hardest format to do by your self! Overall I am happy with how they are turning out so I am going to try to do weekly short videos in  a vlog format. So if you like lots of show and tells with a little bit of how to’s here and there like and subscribe to the channel so you won’t miss a video when they post!  This is becoming more important as Facebook won’t allow automatic publishing to their platform if you rely on my feed to keep you updated.

Here is the latest one:


And the last couple of podcasts on You Tube:


Quilt on!


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