August is quickly flying by!

2015-09-24 13.21.45

The weather says that fall is coming very, very soon. I must concur. It feels like fall already. Today is foggy and cool. The nights are getting longer and the trees are having a hint of color. I am really happy that we had so much warm, sunny weather. I really enjoyed it.

What’s the update around here? The wedding was last weekend. It was absolutely wonderful. No real hiccups happened that I was aware of! . I am so happy for the “kids” lols. They are adults and married now! The wedding was a fairytale dream, the bride was beautiful and my son, the Groom, was very handsome. My husband wore a tux for the first time and they were able to get all the right sized things and tailoring in before the wedding .He looked very dapper in it. I was in a dress and danced the night away at the reception. I am not going to worry about how crappy my hair turned out on that day and all the self conscious things about photos but it is what it is. I I must give all the props to the bride and her mother for executing a plan to perfection.

The bonus to a wedding is getting to visit with all my family. I was able to see the grandkids, too. They were flower girls and quite adorable. I am not kidding ,the twins are most adorable. I spent the last week doing really nothing but visit. I took a few pictures and missed many opportunities for pictures. I am ok with that. I was being very mindful and present. My words for the year, lol!

Now that the company has returned home, the wedding is over and I am back into my routine. I will pick up on my quilting and creating. It was a nice break to gather my projects and plans. I am going to finish the Peter Pan quilt first. I have a few patterns to polish up and photos to take. Then I want to get the Our Creative Souls Zine underway. That will be a project. I am looking forward to the challenge. Then, I will also start blogging about the great 2018 Unexpected Renovation of This Old House.

I will link to my Facebook pictures of snaps at the wedding. I can’t wait to see what the photographer was able to capture. Click on the photo to go to the album!


More photos click the link!“>



Quilt on!


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