4 Podcasts that I love!

I wanted to do a post about podcasts that I love. I tend to like podcasts that are about quilting most. I also like ones that are home-made and not necessarily interview style podcasts. So let me share some of my current favorites!

  1. Hip to be a Square: This is one of the first podcasts that I found about quilting. I love Pam’s humor and all the things she is doing in quilting and on The Stitch TV show via You Tube. She records her own podcasts, has a day job and is incredibly talented as well as her love for Geeky things.
  2. Off Kilter Quilt and QuiltFiction : Shortly after finding Hip to be a Square I found Frances at the Off Kilter Quilt. She has a lovely southern accent and a storytelling style that drips of Southern culture and her personal insights which I love. Frances is an author and writes books for children as well as about quilting. She has recently started reading a new story on her QuiltFiction podcast.
  3. Simple.Handmade.Everyday: Kristin is a fellow quilter that I met through the Machine Quilting blog hop. She is new to podcasting. She is a lovely person to listen to and talks about all the things she loves quilting, knitting, tea and keeping a cozy house.
  4. My Creative Corner3: Wait that’s mine! Since I lumped both of Francis’ together,  and I wanted to introduce my podcast plus keep the list at 4 ….! I talk about my passion for quilting and all the crafts. To be honest there isn’t a craft I haven’t liked to do and I am rediscovering many I used to do too, like macrame, tatting and crochet. I talk about life in a northern town as well as my thoughts on creativity. I make things in short increments of time and feel that may work for some people who get overwhelmed and cannot squeeze hours a day our of their schedules for creating .

Thanks for checking out the podcasts and enjoy your time spent with each podcaster!


2016-06-07 07.49.16


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