Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend has drawn to a close. It marks the end of summer and we got out of our tourist town and went to the city because the residents all go north. I must say it was utterly exhausting and fun all in 3 short days. We started out Saturday going to Ikea to purchase a new sink, cabinets and towel storage. I bought storage for the craft room too. We did well with the crowd of college students buying dorm supplies. The hardest part about IKEA  is pulling all the items from the warehouse. Even that wasn’t horrible, because my husband took pictures of what we wanted. I had to get my second choice sink because the first choice there was a manufacturing problem. While in the Detroit area we went to PF Chang’s for dinner and it was a great way to end a very tiring Saturday.

Sunday we decided to go to Belle Isle to see if any freighters were coming through the river. None were there but I got a few nice pics on the isle. It was so hot and sticky. We drove home after stopping at several stores to get things needed for the remodel and for taking down the windblown trees in our yard on Monday. A lovely day for it all in spite of the oppressive heat and humidity.


Then came Monday. A week ago we had back to back storms with terrible winds and a few embedded tornados. We picked up the downed trees in the yard. Then these old cedars started to lean badly. Maybe 45 degrees! The trees behind them were clean up by our neighbor so we could take these down once that mess was cleaned up. It was a long, long day of very hard work on this Labor Day. We ran out of room to stack them for the city to pick up on the curb. So we temporarily stacked them on the backside of the yard. We maybe able to get the brush picked up over time. There is still branches in the yard from pruning away from the house because the roofer will be here this week when it stops raining.

I am so glad we secured this roofing job way before the storm came through. Then by the end of the month our remodel man will begin the bathroom and moving the washer and dryer upstairs. Our old house will only need one more big project that can wait… windows.

What I learned this weekend is that Iam not 25 anymore. Holy cow, were we tired from all the hard work and play including shopping in 90 degree weather. My body isn’t sore today but it was last night. I am starting this week on a new in home exercise program and diet. I may have just too high of expectations of myself but,  man I should not have gotten that tired and worn out!

So here’s to fall and the new year! September is always my new year and making goals because it correlates with the new school year beginning. We will start with an exercise program. I am thinking about my fall crafty and quilty goals. Stay tuned!



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