5 things I am loving this week!




I have recently discovered some new things that I want to share, and so I can look back and remember the details, of some things. I am swooning, really, over these things.

  1. Grove Collaborative: I love that you can join for $20 and have unlimited shipping for all their products for the year. They are earth friendly and home friendly products. Everything from soaps to vitamins. They have fab customer service and I love the card they included in my order. I got a text asking if I was satisfied and if I had any questions. Oh, yea, a company that makes me feel like a person not a cog in a machine.
  2. Mrs Meyers cleaning products: I have never tried them because they were cost prohibitive in my area. I know the Mackinac Island hotels use the products and they are less caustic and environmentally friendly. I am loving all the items I bought. They smell wonderful and don’t make me sneeze or wheeze. They clean up things wonderfully and I am swooning! As soon as I opened my box, I was cleaning up this old house!
  3. Painter’s Palette solid fabric– I was gifted a 2.5 inch square pack. I love all the color choices and the fabric is beautiful. I believe they have over 130 color choices.  I need to find this online and get more!
  4. Should I answer? It is a phone app to warn me of spam calls or text. I has lots of features and ways to report and block calls that are robo calls. I am so annoyed with these can I am happy the app is easy to use.
  5. Fall is here! With cool temps, leaves are changing  and the apple orchards have opened! I am going to get a cider and doughnut soon!!!


this pictures was from last year but I look forward to more of FALL!


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