Checkerboard Border- The Border Quilt along


First round of borders are here  for the Border Quilt along and I am so excited to share the bright fabrics that I have chosen for this quilt! All the quilters and the info on the blog hop is here on my previous post. This is a pattern that was written by Jen at PBJ and you can purchase your pattern here! You can go to her website here and see all the other quilters that are making this medallion quilt. We are having so much fun!

I decided to use a stack of pre cut bright colors in a Painter’s Palette pack that is 2.5 inches. It went perfectly with the fabrics I am using the Micheal Miller brights and marbles. I like the look better than checker board….. because it reads country to me and this is a bright modern quilt and has some visual punch to it!

Love how my version of the checkerboard turned out, the borders pop and are a lovely addition to the center. If you look carefully at how I chose colors vs what Jen does in her quilt you can see how much the subtle changes make in your version of this quilt!  I am calling my version  the Psychedelic Border Quilt. I think you can see why. I am loving this!!!


Give Jen’s pattern a try! The medallion quilt is a hot style right now and I love it. It does take more precision piecing and cutting but it is worth all the effort!

Next round is October 10 and it is my favorite block, Stars! I am introducing even more color this round! I am doing a wee bit of difference on color placement too and we will see how it looks compared to the original quilt.

Quilt on!



  1. Love your bright colors–I choose to do a scrappy checkerboard border too!! And yes precision piecing is necessary for this pattern!! Can’t wait to see your next round!


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