Snow again

2017-04-06 08.14.53

I like listening to the hush of the morning when it snows. Then a snowplow truck goes by, the neighbors start scraping the ice off the windshields and one of my OCD neighbors has to scrape the snow off his driveway down to the concrete. Scritch, scratch… every single morning!  There isn’t enough music to cover the noise, and so my morning coffee time was infiltrated by people who didn’t even know they were intruding on the peaceful hush that the blanket of snow brings.

It is cold this week and I am trying to find my warm things. I have a minimal amount of clothes but it is the scarves, mittens and 30 below jacket I need. I am starting to plan my new am ritual of showering, start car, do makeup and hair so that I have time to get the  windshield defrosted each morning. Oh winter, I love you but some days you just interfere with my routine and slow me down.

The best part of winter is that I can hibernate in my house. I have lots of time to make quilts, work on crafts and write blog posts, articles and the Zine. I am loving the fact I am cool and not overheated. I am snuggling under my quilts and drinking warm beverages and the ideas seems to flow a freely.

Are you a winter person? Outside of wet feet when I am knee deep in snow, I love it. I don’t love the grey days so I am sitting under my bright Daylight craft lamp and It helps me see and feel better since there have been dark many days here already. There is only one thing about winter that I fear and that is walking on icy ground. Falling sucks.

I am planning some wonderful January projects for the Zine and I am researching how people celebrate winter and cope with the cold days. Hygge is all about cozy, warm homes. I love the thought that you work all summer to live in the winter. I heard that on YouTube but can’t find the source, or maybe I dreamt it. It was good stuff.

So here is to celebrating the cool days and embracing winter. I am gonna go start my car to melt the snow off the windshield.

Quilt on,


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