Wrapping up November!




I was visiting my Parents and touring the historic train depot and I happened to be at the right place at the right time! I love getting great photos and my new camera didn’t disappoint me! 

I have lots of lovely pictures to share from this trip in December. I have an unexpected renovation of this old house happening so not tons of decoration for us this year! I plan to get things all ready for the reno and that magic will happen while we are on a vacation. When we return, magic! 

I am working on a few quilts and wrapping up a few others. I have started to practice hand piecing for a new and fun quilt along that starts in January. Here is the fruits of my labor so far!


I am making plans for all my creative endeavors for 2019 and so far I don’t have any plans. I am planning on going to Quilt Con in February in Nashville so I am saving all my pennys for the trip. 

It has been brutally cold and snowy so I am settling in for a long winter and looking forward to solstice because the daylight hours start to get longer! 

Quilt on! 


2017-02-24 13.01.50








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