A bucket list quilt!

I made a quilt that has been on my bucket list for quite some time! Circle of Swallows is the traditional quilt. This is a big mini quilt… each block is 16″ but I was able to piece it. I am happy that this was a free pattern called Starling at Fat quarter shop.

I did have a thought of making a block for the center. I decided against it and thought the future free motion quilting on the quilt would look nice in the center! I am also deciding if I should go with the blue grunge fabric as the pattern calls for, because I ran out, or to do something else. I hope I can preserve the points in the star.

During this January deep freeze, Michigan has been declared a state of emergency. South of us they got way more snow and it’s colder. We have been hit, too but not as hard as West Michigan and the roads are a disaster.

This storm is shutting everything down. The mail isn’t running, stores are closing and for once businesses are taking it seriously and closing. Quite a change in culture because most businesses in my lifetime would remain open regardless of the weather. It’s not worth risking peoples safety! I am going to go to work. I have only 2 miles but staff have been staying home. If I can get out of the driveway, I go but I have taken the afternoons off because it was slow. Our snow blower broke yesterday. Always an adventure around here.

During this cold month, I decided to learn to hand piece and do EPP. I need to be under a quilt or two to stay warm! I can hand stitch under my comfy quilts. The learning curve is coming along. I decided that the whip stitch for EPP works for me and I am still learning. I am making one EPP flower for each week with colors representing the high temperature. I am having fun with it!

Stay warm and Quilt on!


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