English paper piecing and my Temperature quilt

I have made temperature blankets with crocheted granny squares. I loved the idea for a quilt. I have to say I did lots of research because some people were making ones with little squares, some half square triangles and others with nine patches. I decided on hexies. My QBF is a epp guru and I decided I needed to try it!

Wait, what, didn’t you tell yourself that was a little nuts? That you would never do epp because it was too much for your hands to do? Hand sewing sucked?

I must say that I did say those things to myself! I tried it again. Hand sewing is fun! I is easier on me now that sitting or standing at a sewing machine. And after I injured my shoulder and neck at work on Friday, hand sewing was one thing I could do. And did I mention that prepping the hexies are really enjoyable too!

A temperature quilt is made when you made a color grid based on each days high temperature. I search all over Pinterest and found Elm Street Quilts had made one and here is how she did it. I have been looking up temperature histories here and writing them down. I prep 7 hexies and then sew then together as a Grandmothers Flower Garden style . I am marking the back with week 1 or2 and I may try to sew them in order.

Give epp try, I did and on the third or fourth attempt over the years, I like it! And not in a broccoli sort of way either. More of a coffee kind of way , lol!

Quilt on!



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