Excitement is in the air!

I spent the weekend putting the kitchen and bathroom back together. The house renovation is finished. I am happy with the work and that it is done! The laundry wasn’t moved but we will assess that next summer. Spring weather will mean we can do the painting we need to do in the house and until then I continue to be motivated to tidy up and organize my house. The deeper I get into it, the more sentimental the stuff but I am moving forward with sorting an organizing. Full video to come!

I have to say that the stuff I have in the closets aren’t too bad. I have them in boxes or totes. I just need to keep making decisions about some of the things I want to keep, de clutter and repack. I am excited that it is not as bad as I thought it was!

With the ending of the Unexpected Renovation of this Old House, we weren’t sure that attending QuiltCon was possible! There were cost over runs and such that made the decision to go a last minute one. I couldn’t be more excited. Now I just hope that the weather cooperates!! Plus it is a celebration of our 33 wedding anniversary! Nashville here we come!

I am going to get to see everyone at the show and spend 2 days taking it all in. I am not taking classes or attending lectures because I think I will be busy taking in my first QuiltCon show. Maybe I can see what kind of quilt makes it in to this show, lol!

Happy Monday all and I hope that you have a fantastic week!

Quilt On,



  1. I’m glad your renovation went well. We have renovated two houses now, and it is always more expensive than you plan for. You should post some before and after pictures.


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