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After 12 hours of riding in a car for the trip home from Quiltcon and chatting with my quilty friends….

I am launching a 15 minute a day challenge in April for daily
quilting .

  • We will practice our quilting skills daily for 15 minutes, do notjudge yourself or rip out any stitches!We will support each other and share our progress on the My Creative Corner3 Facebook page .
  • You can join here! Pssst, it’s a closed group so its easier to fearlessly share our journey. 
  • It is going to start April 1 and go through the last day of the month 
  • You can do any type of quilting! Free motion, walking foot or hand stitches!
  • The only way my free motion quilting stays in my fingers is when I practice every day for just a few minutes!! 

You can listen to my QuiltCon recap at the podcast above!

Why the challenge? 

I went to QuiltCon and I was inspired by quilts there. I loved the sample swatches in the Paintbrush studio booth as well as the FMQ I spotted at the show. I have several quilts that I want to practice some quilting designs that I have never tried before.  I am afraid I have become a little out of practice over the winter and lost some of my confidence on being able to do some sweet stitches. I also want to make some little quilt sampler sandwiches. I have minis that need to be finished. Plus,   I want to go back to the basics and part of that is making a commitment to 15minutes a day. This challenge should help me meet all of these goals just by practicing my quilting for a snippet of time each day. This project is going to be a no pressure, zen exercise in engaging our hands and our minds on our projects. You will be so surprised at how much you can get done each day. I have no doubt you will be amazed at how much improvement you will see in your quilting at the end of 30 days! 

Will you join me in the challenge?

For the rest of March, I am preparing my quilts and quilt sandwiches for the April Challenge!

Quilt on!

Curls by Vicki Holloway

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