Self Care and Panels

You can listen to the podcast by clicking the player above!

You really need to check out Renee’s Etsy shop With Mind and Heart. Follow her on Instagram too. She wrote and designed this wonderful workbook for Mental Health and Self Care with coloring pages! I love it and it is a beautiful companion to my planner and journal!

I have quilted 15 min a day for the April challenge and found I love Panels!

Kabloom Panel by Hoffman
Curls on Mom’s quilt

All the time in a routine of 15 min a day really adds up!

Check out Miranda Parkers Instagram and Facebook page! She give wonderful demos on makeup and no body shaming.

Check out the patterns in my shop! Where the patterns are all $5 and pdf downloads. Don’t forget my etsy shop where you can get a logo mug or tote bag!

Lets have a great week of taking care of ourselves, setting realistic goals and staying positive!

Quilt on,


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