Saturday Morning Coffee

Back into the regular routine is a bit shocking after a week off but all is well. I worked very hard on a labor intensive quilt on the heels of a labor intensive piecing project. I am starting an easy quilt today for a Shop sample and I am loading an easier quilt on the long arm this weekend. I have no hard deadlines for the rest of summer and I am glad. Working 10 plus hours a day gets old, fast!

Flowers never get old. I am enjoying my garden often from the house and occasionally sitting in on the patio. I am trying to improve the border bed around the house but things are super slow to grow this spring and I am hesitant to make major planting because new plants are popping up all month. In case you haven’t noticed, the early flowers are just now blooming chives, iris and peonies. It has been a cold, damp spring.

I have been learning how to use my Cricut and one of my BFF’s shared with me a low cost monthly club where I can practice skills, make projects and know that they have been tested and will work. I am getting excited for July.

I am continuing the ongoing process of getting things more organized in the house. I loved this TED talk by none other than “my” Clutterbug. I wanna share it here so I don’t forget it. Best quote from the talk ” we all just organize a little differently.”

I am listening to Brene Browns book Braving the Wilderness and I have needed a tissue already in chapter 1. It’s so good.

Off to make stuff happen,


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