Saturday Morning Coffee

The wind is blustery this am. The air is getting colder and colder with the promise that the first frost will be soon.  I am snuggling under quilts when I am home because the floors are getting cold. The air is penetrating the walls and windows, making the chill undeniable. The furnace runs but we keep it cooler for comfort but also for cost. I am holding off on picking up the fairy gardens because they make the garden look pretty and full of stories as I look at them from the kitchen .

The daylight hours are already getting very short. The skies are grey most days. It is the signal that seasons are quickly changing. I have begun the hygge time in my home. Candles are burning in the dark corners of the rooms after work. I am pulling out all the fall quilts for us to use on chairs, the beds and for guests. All things cozy, warm and comfy are employed. It is a time to celebrate being indoors. 

Soft, texture and warm glow is the theme for the seasons. The pumpkin decorations are out, the linens are changed to autumn with bright oranges.  I also start cooking things like beef stew and using the oven more. It heats the home and make the hearty food that we love. I am feeding the sourdough so a loaf of bread or two will be baked. I like maple flavored things with the occasional pumpkin spice.

Coffee tastes better during hygge time. Its warmth is lovely on my hands and when you drink it. I am really enjoying this time of year. As the leaves change, it signals time to get together with family and friends. The heat and bustle of summer is over and  I may be snowed in before long and our contacts more virtual. We have been having lunch with family, exploring our favorite Michigan tourist spots that are not as crowded in the off season and taking time to be in nature as we can. 

Fall is here and hygge time as begun. I am celebrating my favorite season with the warm comforts of home, a bit  of handwork, seeing our family and a lot of football.
Due to technical difficulties this was posted on Sunday



  1. I really enjoyed reading this! We have just started to have some cool days, but the furnace isnt on yet. The fall decorations are up, but the garden is still going strong. I’m finding time to sew more. Cold weather coziness is definitely coming!


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