Saturday Morning Coffee, interrupted

It was a rude awakening this am while I was slowly preparing myself to turn on all the lights and go get my coffee. I was waking up by checking email and social media by one dim light in my chair. The sun was just staring to shine through the windows, when I saw a shadow moving along the floor.

The shadow became very clear as it started to run towards my feet and I woke up very quickly looking eye to eye with a little black mouse in my living room. My heart was beating a little faster and a jolt of adrenaline hit my body. Waves of disgust and anger surged through me and the mouse decided that it better retreat and go back to where it came from. I saw it make another dart through the living room to hide under my couch. I have no idea where these creatures are coming in from. We thought we sealed up the mouse entrance last winter. Evidently not!

War has been declared and I will go to the store to find what I need to be rid of them. As my grandma used to say where there is one there is many. I will not have a mouse takeover, I have lived in places where that has happened and it is really disgusting.

In the meantime, I will try to not feel like I need to disinfect the whole house and find my Zen centering today. But having a mouse does motivate me to keep on my Flylady journey of cleaning, decluttering and tidying up the house. I have spent a few minutes each day this week finding one thing a day to let go of. That was pretty easy, I found about 4 things each day of stuff that was totally useless and needed to be trashed. Thanks Diane in Denmark for the challenge! I realized I wasn’t the only person having trouble letting a few things go and she spent 5 days talking about these items that we ask ourselves “why am I holding on to this?”

I am working on several crafty projects that I will talk about on the podcast this week. I have taken much needed time to tour the lovely fall leaf color, see animals in the wild and spend time with those I love. Here are a few pics.

Take time to be creative and quilt on !



  1. I’m with you on mice, Vicki. When I see one I am constantly on patrol. Hoping we sealed our house up tight also!
    Listened to last podcast and as you were talking about your trip to Lansing I was grinning over at my orange Horrocks bag. We love that place too!


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