Saturday Morning Coffee

Saturday Morning Coffee at 530am today

Fall just keeps on giving this year. I went on the M119 tunnel of trees ride last Sunday. It is a very popular and epic drive in Michigan. It was breathtaking as usual. You can see the photos on my Instagram Here . It was a fantastic day to walk on the beaches of Lake Michigan, get photos and shift my mindset to the coming of winter.

So that’s what I did this week. I have begun the deep cleaning that only fall and spring allow. I have been slowly decluttering my house one bag at a time. I picked up parts of the fairy garden and the rest will be slowly picked up and tucked in the garage this week. I have been truly living my blog’s tagline of getting things done one stitch, one block, one row at a time or for everyday use taking things one step at a time and in the best order of doing things. In a few short weeks, I feel like I have made a big impact on the house and it leaves time for other things like crafting and the dreaded exercise. I dread going to the gym but love it when I am there. I don’t get myself sometimes.

Today I am going to see friends, spend a day with my husband and hopefully find some Kraft Text at a Joann’s Fabric in a larger city. I started to dread leaving my little town and all the things I should do today because I worked all week. I have been up early and I realized that with the Flylady system plus my spin on time management and slow stitching….. I have everything done. I don’t have anything pressing on my brain like laundry or customer quilts or dirty bathroom….. I even dusted already. Say what?!?!?

Today is a day off. I am going to be listening to the football games on satellite radio, I can knit in the car and best of all I can see friends and visit at a fun gathering today. I have the time to do it. And most of all, I need to make the time to show up for my friends and family. In real life whenever possible.

The cauldron at the gathering of friends in years past! Cooking some fantastic stew!

Today I am a free spirit party girl. I am going to be inspired by the places I go and the people I am going to see.

Time to finish the coffee and pick out my party clothes.



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