Saturday Morning Coffee

coffee and a stress ball

It was a stressful week at work and on my desk I have a stress ball. I didn’t need to use it but it is always there. I had to travel an hour to work yesterday and I was car sick all day . I still feel it a little today. If I am the passenger, it doesn’t seem to be as bad.

This week I decided to video a little something everyday for my fledgling YouTube channel. It is a series for Vlogmas and each day counts down until the holidays. Of course being the over achiever I am, I decided to go to New Years because I have time off from work over the holidays and can spend a bit more time on this project. Seriously, why do I do that. I may not have enough ideas to make it through Christmas let alone New Years! LOL so Vicki, isn’t it.

The videos have been fun to make albeit they are very amateur and low budget. I wish I had a gimble, a better computer for editing and a rig that will hold your camera over a worksurface. Then I realized that I have to start somewhere and just stop making excuses and do it. Of course, first thing…. you have glare in your lenses, the lighting isn’t exactly right, you can’t see everything . Nope, this is an amateur show, people.

And that is where I have to ask myself if the comments matter. I like to make videos because it is creative and a challenge. I like to share stuff with people and this is a way to reach out to others who may like the same things I do. It is also a way to keep me motivated to do my projects, try new things and look at the world in a little bit different way to be videoed.

I have a playlist started. I have been finding Vlogmas has helped me get into the Christmas spirit more and it has been really fun!

I don’t plan on letting the blog or podcast suffer. I am figuring out where I want to spend most of my time on social media and what the benefits of it is. I think I do that every year! Where do you spend your time on social?



  1. Hi Vicki! I love your Vlogmas videos AND your Saturday morning coffee! I tend to be a bit of a scrooge for various reasons, First my daughter lives above Chicago and I rarely get to spend Christmas with her. Next I hate society as a whole has gotten away from the true meaning of Christmas and how we have commercialized it and monetized it to death! However, I love the little things you are doing to help get into the Christmas spirit and I am finding it helps me a little too. Keep up the good work girl! I really appreciate all you do everyday to make quilting and Christmas more enjoyable for the rest of us! Merry Christmas Vicki! XOXO. Cyndi


    • Thank you Cyndi! I don’t get to see my grandchildren but once a year or so and I get how hard the holidays can be! I try to find the beauty in everyday and that there is nothing that is ordinary. I helps get thru the hard days and appreciate the good ones.

      I am also very disappointed at how commercial so many things are including Christmas. I hope that people slow down and enjoy!


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