Saturday Morning coffee

Now this is a rush hour I can get behind! I love the farm and the commentary. Makes me smile every time. I have been enjoying a little bit of a slow down this week because I have been sick. I haven’t been as “productive” and I missed a day of Vlogmas. I haven’t recorded a podcast either. I need to feel better and sound better before I do any of those things. I have spent entirely too much time watching shows, on social media and exploring new videos out there on many apps like the one above in the link, its hilarious. Check it out.

I have to say that I have a staycation coming up over the holidays and the prospect of 2 weeks of nothing has been a bit daunting to think about. I has been a bit overwhelming, actually. I have been planning the thing I need to make, things to finish, things to get done or I will have wasted it all. I spend entirely too much time worrying that I have wasted my time or opportunities.

I haven’t made any plans. I will do what moves me in the moment. That’s what I have been doing over the past few days and it is really lovely. No pressure, no timetables no plan. That’s what January is all about, right? I need to take the time right now to recover from the cold, this weeks full moon and Friday the 13th.


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