Saturday Morning Coffee and Vlogmas


The past two weeks have been busy and full of all the extra things. Gift exchanges, parties, extra work, meetings and then there is all the expectations. I have made it through all those things plus the week of the full moon and Friday the 13th. I have had my usual sinus infection that has made me grumpy and slow. I have taken on extra fun things too that are different for me like Vlogmas on YouTube and experimenting with TicTok.

But today, it is all different and new. It is the first morning of my two week staycation. Two whole weeks. I have not made any plans. That is totally unusual for me. I usually worry about getting bored, “wasting” my time and having nothing to show for it. I am all about rest, recouperating from this cold and vertigo, seeing friends and loved ones. No plans for everyday just a few goals.

Goals list

1. eat healthy

2. exercise doing Walk At Home Videos on YouTube

3. Work on my knitting, sew a little and start my tatting project.

4. Go see the new Star Wars

5. Ponder my goals for next year in my Quilty stuff, podcast and crafts. Just ponder the possibilities

That’s it. I plan to watch lots of football, watch a few movies and slowly work on a few projects. Hey, I may even clean this house up with a bit of decluttering. Not a priority but maybe how I ring in the New Year.

All about rejuvenating my mind, body and soul.

Now to go shower and prep for the grocery shop,



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