Saturday Morning Coffee

Ringing in the New Year with my husband

Sipping coffee on a cold morning is a great way to start the weekend. It is the last two days of my staycation. I must say it flew by. I was worried about it being too long and boring at the beginning but we did enough adventures to breakup the long stretches at home that it was a perfect remedy for burnout, the holidays and preparing for the New Year.

added foil to an old candle jar

I was able to take the last two days and do a top down clean of the house. The second floor was completely vacuumed, dusted, linens changed and a piece of furniture moved there. Main floors totally cleaned and lots of tidying up. Christmas was put away. The floors feel more open and more room to breathe. Then I tackled the big cobwebs in the basement with the shop vac. I can freely travel up and down to the laundry and not have to dodge webs. It is the worst job ever. However, it won’t need to be done again until spring!

Bright , shiny New Year’s Day

I have to say I am feeling good about what I wanted to accomplish on the staycation and go back to work with everything in order. I want to load a quilt this weekend. I have been making lots of stuff and trying to get new routines set up. I have to start exercising more and I have been doing Walk At Home on YouTube. I am never 100% ready to go back to work. I discovered I can to long staycations and if this is what retirement looks like I will be able to do it , in about a decade or so.

Pineapple quilt nearly pieced, vinyl and foil was applied to jars, tatted lace made, knit on my cowl, newsletter sent, podcast completed, extra content for patrons posted , Vlogmas wrapped up, New Year’s goals set and TikTok started. What a staycation, what a way to start a New Year.

I am looking forward to 2020 and I hope you join me in this journey,


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