Saturday Moring Coffee

A weekend of bracing for a Snowpocalypse. We went to the grocery store last night because it was still warmer, dry weather and the snow was not starting to fall. The moon was full and the clouds were beginning rolling in. The ice on the driveways was forming and the feeling of a storm was definitely in the air. The good news is there was still some bread on the shelves and we opted for a full weekly grocery shop with snacks for the football games this weekend because we rarely lose power in town.

So far we have only received a couple of inches of snow overnight but the snow machine is on its way. I hear the snow plows going by already early on a Saturday and my neighbor, who has a love for hand shoveling, is scraping his driveway down to the cement. I find it odd because I see him fire up a really big snowblower and blow out a huge segment of his back yard for their dog. I would totally use a big snoblower any day of the week vs hand shoveling. Its hard work and to be honest listening to the incessant scraping is like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard. Not conducive for any zen moments while drinking my coffee. I will work on meditation later today when its quiet.

I have lots of projects to do at home. My trip to Hobby Lobby for batting will wait till the weather clears up. I have lots of football on the TV watching schedule planned. A ton of laundry and straightening up the house is also planned. Really a weekend of hibernating and I am ok with that. It can be really nice actually especially after a long work week.

This past week was a full 5 day work week. My first full week since my 2 week staycation. It was busy enough to keep me on task and we had extra training to go to. This year is the end of an era as one of my closest co workers retires and I fear the office will be in utter chaos for quite some time. I will see her in the community often because we are quilters. Work in 2020 is going to be a year of change and suckage …. but yesterday I learned how to cope with all that by learning to not care about those things I cannot control and collaborate with others to solve the problem with a training I attended. Plus we had team building exercises, that I don’t really get the point of but I drew a damn good Jolly Roger pirate flag for our day of building a team, naming it, making a logo, motto and chant. Only they weren’t 100% work appropriate then I had to go on a microphone and read it in front of the entire agency. All of the expectations of the exercise were not explained by the moderator. It wasn’t too bad being pirate themed as we decided our motto was “plundering, pillaging and collecting the booty. ” Our chant was “yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, arrrrrrg.” A bunch of Gen X teenagers. Lol. I don’t think my multiple bosses were entertained. Ooops.

I am counting down to MLK long weekend I am working a ton on the podcast and extra content as well as premium content during that long weekend. I have more ideas on stuff than I have hours in the day.

Off to start this day and get some chores done so I can focus on the creative things this afternoon. I expect it to be a wonderful day off,


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