Saturday Morning Coffee

This week marks the official point in winter where I ask myself a series of important yet strange questions like: how do I keep things fresh, new, exciting and hygge? Can I grow plants to bring green to my indoor spaces? Opposite of all the things that the January’s bring boring, old, stale, routine and just really grey with darn cold. I decided that I needed to cut my hair for a fresh look and for safety’s sake. I can’t see with a bob haircut. It is always falling in my face. I nearly fell down stairs, slipped on ice and sewed my finger because my hair was in my face. First thing, it came off. I love it and want to play around with styling it and using new hair products. It is a fresh look. Next, I started some baby plants at home and the office to mentally counteract all the snow and lack of sunlight.

fresh cut straight from the salon
grow baby plant, grow!

The next thing I did was dive into finishing up things. I completed the modern pineapple top. I started it in September and it felt like it was taking forever. It has a million little 2.5 inch squares that take time to sew. Then I decided on a final layout and bam it is a completed quilt top.

finished pineapple top

I also made a commitment to work on joining up my epp daily. It is coming along at a snails pace but it is getting some visible progress so that is good. But it isn’t fast or exciting. So I dug out my BOM that I have been collecting each month over the last year from a quilt shop and BAM excitement sets in. I have two blocks done in no time. I feel accomplished and I love the sampler. I have some ideas on how to set it already and all the prep work of the pattern and fabrics are done for me. All I have to do is cut the pieces and follow the pattern. I did need to brush up on precision piecing because solids are not forgiving fabrics for tiny misalignments of seams or points.

BOM Solid as a rock

I also have a long weekend because it’s MLK ! I had a week at work that was all the January things I mentioned in the first paragraph. I started to think about things like what would I like to do? Where would I like to live in 5 years? What aspirations do I have? Why do I still live in this frozen tundra? All the annual January/February questions. I had no answers. I made a few inquiries just for fun like where is it 70 degrees all year? What is the median income for nurses? What is the cost of living? Where is the nearest airport for different cities in warmer climates ? I realize I can do anything I want and go anywhere I want. Snow doesn’t define me, lol.

Overall, I decided that theres’ no place like home at this time. I like to dream but right now that is where they are going to stay because I really like my house, my quilt friends, my income and my comfy, cozy little life. So what my husband and I decided is maybe lots of travel during retirement. 6 weeks on the road, 6 weeks home. I could do that very easily. In the meantime, while I dream of warmer weather and sunny days I have become the plant lady I always wanted to be as a kid but didn’t have the resources for.

days of grey and snow happening here , time to hibernate

I am going to take this weekend to work on my podcast, poke around with the quilts I am working on and break my 6 week longarming vacation. I have several customer jobs for long arming and making a graduation quilt I need to do. Time to get it going!



  1. I’m definitely going through the same thing with all the decision making! It’s exhausting! So it’s encouraging to listen to your thinking it through and realizing that it does take time to come up with a plan. You are right-January is for dreaming! The new podcast idea sounds great as well as the option to purchase on Etsy. I’m on Etsy regularly and I don’t have the desire to put another app on my tablet or phone. I’m getting so tired of all the apps for every separate thing. But I will if you only do Podbean I enjoy listening to your podcasts and it really has been helping me define new goals for myself. Thanks so much and enjoy your extra day off work!


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