Saturday Morning Coffee

February is going by so fast. I have enjoyed more sunshine but the frigid temps not so much. Time seems to be going too fast so this weekend I want to slow it down. It is a long weekend and I am not going to over do it. I have plans to do minimal adulting and maximize rest, relaxation and creating time. I am beginning to see the value of being still, calm and meditative.

It is all about balance. I really want to not waste time, be productive, and leverage all my time to maximize all the projects I am working. Squeezing all the things I can possibly squeeze in a day. I have lots of goals I want to achieve, quilts to make, podcasts to record and articles to write. I also have all the necessary but not as fun things to do like housekeeping, laundry and meals. Ugh.

I am realizing that I take time to rest more in winter. I need to do a better job to balance all year. I have to say I need to do more Creative Meditation. Finding the Zen. I have studied this for a year and launched a premium podcast about it. I need to keep working on keeping my brain. You can check out my podcast here:

I am hoping someone will buy it and find it as helpful to them as it was for me.

I have hit a wall of low energy since I was sick in January. I have to say it is frustrating because I used to bounce back a lot faster! I have been trying to exercise and it is a total drag. I decided that I am in rehabilitating my body phase and slowly getting my routine back. I have been trying to do a mile a day and that has been difficult and extremely frustrating. A mile is nothing to walk generally but for me it is right now.

All that to say, I am accepting where I am at. Being realistic on what I can and should be doing, and continuing to set my goals. I have decided 2020 is going to be a different type of year for goals. This all follows my January decision for the word of the year I chose Self-Care. I am continuing to learn what that may really mean. Not just getting in shape and dusting my craft room.

have a fantastic weekend and I hope it is a time to take care of yourself!



  1. Sometimes don’t you just think the weather is slowing you down? Clouds and cold can do that to me. But I agree with the self care! I’m especially working on not comparing myself to others. That’s why I like your philosophy of just doing a little at a time. Might not look like much in a day or even a week buy it will add up! I agree with Cyndi’s sentiments above and appreciate all you do in sharing your positive message. Happy Anniversary and take care!


  2. There is much I want to say but I haven’t had my coffee yet so my brain isn’t firing on all cylinders. I totally agree with you though and need to do more self-care for myself this year. I hope you have a relaxing three day weekend. Thank you so much for all you do for the quilting community! We love you!


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