Saturday Morning Coffee

I am eating my lunch and sipping water right now. Coffee time is past already. This has been the strangest week ever. I knew last week with Mercury Retrograde, Mondays’ Full Moon, Daylight saving time and then the novel Coronavirus hit our state. It is like a scifi movie. Meetings at work, trying to determine if this is something that will need me to change my life a little, potential travel plans, Highland games…. and then reality hit. I realize that many of us aren’t going anywhere for a while. Then a mega dose of reality hit.

My Mother in law suddenly passed away mid week. Now life is real. I mean really real. You can get more real that this crap real. Friday the 13th found me and my husband making the arrangements. The apartment must be vacated in 2 weeks. Details for the service next weekend are done but the other details are not. I wanna push and get it all done at once and tick off the boxes on the list and , and, and……then I see broken people. They are struggling. They can’t see what to do next and want to gather to talk about it. They don’t need me pushing to get it all done today. That’s my stress response – get this done, now!!!

I am ok with realizing we all do things in our own way. We actually have plenty of time to make all the needed arrangements, we have lots of help and we will be ok. It will be rough getting through it but not impossible. And really instead of retreating deep into my craft room, gathering with family and friends have been helpful. In spite of the news of this virus.

I want to say even the Covid 19 with the pandemonium of grocery shortages, lack of cleaning supplies and over the counter meds won’t change my focus on what is important. I have a spouse who loves to have way to many cans of tuna fish. We will be fine all the way around. One of the many reasons I love him so much.

I also want to say as introverted as I am, a self quarantine and working from home would be welcome!



  1. Oh my, what a week is right! I’m so sorry about your mother-in-law! That’s terribly sad news right now for you on top of everything else. I hope you can take the time you need to get through it all even if you are saying you are fine. Losing a parent is a big one.
    I also work in Healthcare and as of now, they are saying no to time off. I too was thinking what a relief it would be right now. I think the whole country could benefit from a few weeks off! Of course, not true for everyone but I don’t think any introverted creative would have a problem with that. Even if it meant coffee and tuna sandwiches everyday! I’m hoping you get some self care time at the sewing machine in the busy days ahead. Take care!


  2. So sorry for your loss. I too feeling like hunkering down in the craft room as well. Love your podcast and crafty posts!


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