Saturday Morning Coffee

empty halls at work

I have never been a really organized person. I tend to pack rat things vs hoarding but have been getting better about it. I am glad I have saved lots of fabric scraps as well as batting and interfacing.

We don’t have many masks at work. I am going to spend the weekend making masks for my nurse co workers and I put out a call for help with my Facebook group. I have inherited quilt items too. That quilter would be proud to know she is helping her fellow co workers. There seems to be exactly what I need in my studio, things always happen for a reason.

I am not noticing much difference in my life of introversion vs a suggested life of social distancing. I am allowed to Skype to meetings, call my patients vs face to face meetings and lots of educating people on what to do to keep safe and coping. Other than those current changes, things remain the same. Home and work. I expect everything to remain cancelled for quite some time, including summer Highland games.

I never thought I would ever be sewing masks for nurses and health care workers that I know. I never thought it would come to this. I am so spoiled with my every need being met mentality. Just go buy it. Well, there is no PPE to buy right now. Quilters are generous people and I have others helping me, for which I am very greatful. I am also making masks for other people and mailing them out if I can.

At least I have something to do that makes me feel like I am helping during a time where we are being asked to stay home and wait this out. Covid 19 is here in my town and we are taking this all very seriously.

Off to sew some masks, tote bags and quilts. I will clean too. I have lots of time here at home this weekend. I am also starting a Dear jane and here is why, I posted this on my group earlier this week :

I feel the need to talk about being home more, socially distanced and having more time on my hands to worry about the uncertainty of the times we live in due to Covid19. I am still going to work but I am socially distanced and doing much of my job via phone and computer. There may be a time when I work from home.

Instead of doing nothing and just wasting my time while isolated, I decided to do something to document it. I was choosing between two books I own for inspiration and I decided Dear Jane. Jane made her quilt during the Civil war. It was a time where she made this most complicated quilt one tiny block at a time.

In times like these, Jane made a quilt.
A really hard, tedious quilt. Something to focus her mind and find some peace in the piecing.

I am going to use stash fabrics and work on it one stitch, one block, one row at a time. Let’s keep each other company and encouraged. Thanks Andi Settlemoir Barney for the DJ idea.

Off to sew,



  1. I’m not skilled enough to take on a Dear Jane so I will watch with awe and admiration, as I have with other bloggers that brave.


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