Saturday Morning Coffee

It has been a week where I have lived, breathed, worked and dreamed about the Covid19 infection. I had my first week of working at home and it has been one of the longest, hardest weeks due to the level of work and creatively figuring out how to get it done. I think that I will settle into the working from home just fine but I am not prepared to do it long term. For example, I sold my desk years ago because, well ,laptops. We converted the home office to a music studio and the spare bedroom to a craft room. I don’t have the proper chair to sit and work on for a full work day etc. Imagine sitting on a hard dining room table or balancing a tiny Microsoft surface on your knees. The screen is tiny so I think my crowsfeet are really gonna get bad from all the squinting! But I am thankful I have a job that I can work from home. Many cannot.

I must say working from home is not as romantic as I thought it would be. It is easier when my husband is working but he has been home a couple of days because his job is slowed down due to the Michigan Stay at Home order and that is a challenge. He works in the freight business so if your business isn’t essential it is shut down and doesn’t need supplies.

Where to work so he can do his thing, I have privacy and a good internet connection is the challenge. It will be fine but getting laundry done in between meetings and calls didn’t happen this week. I was thinking I could get more done. Nope, less. The routine is a little off yet but I expect it to come around and I won’t feel so out of sorts.

I just want to say that as an introvert, the Stay at Home order hasn’t been difficult. I do miss seeing people a little bit but we are doing video calls and meetings. I do like getting out and going for a little walk around the block to get fresh air. If the snow would melt we could get our patio furniture out and have that as an escape from the house. That’s the worst part is that the house feels really small and it is a little full of stuff to organize since those in our lives who died recently left things and we brought them home. Time to get it put away and organized. Time to get back into some sort of routine and live our daily life.

I have so much to do that I won’t be bored. I am not one to have a lack of projects and new projects. And a room full of supplies so that isn’t a problem at all. What has been shocking is some peoples and some businesses lack of respect for the order. I won’t get too political here but all I can say is that I am choosing to stay home and go out for work when I have to. My husband has to go out. He is an essential worker. But the people who are coming up North to escape the city is unconscionable , we have less food and medical. Our systems are overwhelmed already and we have weeks before the infection peaks! People who are treating this as a vacation and renting cabins and going to the beach! People who are angry over events being canceled. People looking for “work arounds” on the order and doing what they want anyway.

And then to place the cost of doing business and making money over saving peoples lives has made me sick. I am in the business of helping people, I am a nurse , we will worry about the money later on. The arguing between the White House feeling our Governor is over reacting and then blocking medical supplies from reaching us because she won’t kiss his ass is the most disgusting thing I have ever witnessed. I am following the order as part of the silent revolution to save lives , do the right thing and send a message back to the WH. People matter more than businesses making money. It’s a freaking pandemic!

I have also joined the movement of making home made fabric masks. I have made 20 this week and donated them all to my job and the local nursing home staff. My high school classmate used to run a daycare and she helped raise my kids. Now she is a CNA at the nursing home and they have very little PPE. I have also had some donated by my circle of friends locally and nationally that I shared with both places. An army of quilters is gonna make so many I just know it. I see them on social media and I see them pouring in to donation sites.

I am feeling better about it all today. My vertigo has lessened as it has been a real problem for a couple of weeks, so I got a better night’s sleep. I plan to do no working over the weekend and only doing quilting, sewing and getting the house in order. Exercise also and overall keep in contact with everyone.

Starting things off with making crowns for the grand kids. Then Dear jane, Make 2 masks , start sewing binding on my stack of quilts and long arm. That should take all weekend.

Let’s get through this together, at home,



  1. Thank you for your post this morning. I am fortunate to have a choice and I have chosen to be laid off and stay home, it is so hard not to visit my Dad and know that it’s hard for those who live alone to be so isolated…thankfully we can still communicate and I am able to keep him supplied with groceries!
    Living in Ontario, Canada and watching our Governments response over the last few weeks has been reassuring…that said we had our first case announced yesterday. This fellow had recently returned from a week in Florida with his wife, thankfully they followed the 14 day isolation rule here when they arrived home. His wife has been tested and it is suspected that she has it as well. My daughter is 8 months pregnant…thankfully she and her husband have been working from home and able to stay isolated but it’s stressful!
    I haven’t received a clear enough message here about making masks so have held off. There is a gal here making them and now contraction out for sewers she is selling her masks for $10. Which doesn’t impress me in times like these! Good for you for what you are doing!!!


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