Saturday Morning Coffee

latest Dear jane block

I decided that I need to take the 2020 year of self care more seriously. I started to walk again after a few weeks off. Outside. In the cold. It wasn’t fun at all. It didn’t really make my body feel better but it was mentally uplifting after being in the house for so many days.

I also bought a couple of things on line. The latest is the new and improved EQ8 Dear Jane add on. I was using a free patterns online. they are fantastic but tricky to get my computer to print. For 30$ I got all the patterns with multiple options on how to make them, tracking tools , customizing options, etc. I love Electric Quilt and they even have YouTube Tutorials to help me because reading the directions on a couple of things didn’t process in my brain well .

I also bought an isometric exercise thingy. I will talk more about it when it comes and I can try it. I need something that I can turn on and not think about what to do. Just do it and then continue to walk. I am excited because I don’t think our gym is going to survive the lockdown and I am not sure I wanna go back there with all the germs.

Overall it has been the best of times, the worst of times and the strangest of times this week. I think that focusing on self care is good. The best news is that our Governor has free Headspace for Michigan residents. I love that meditation app. I can use all the calm apps I can get these days! Maybe you can find some freebies on the Headspace website, too!

Be calm, find peace and quilt on!


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