Saturday Morning Coffee

This week I have indulged in what Gen X is all about both past and present. I have to say it has been a really fun trip down memory lane and nostalgia to look up things that were popular in the 70s and 80s. I have had a blast joining FB groups and talking to my Gen X friends about our youth. I have to say Ferris Bueller was one of my favorite movies and I have always related to Cameron! It was a nice break from the harsh reality of still being in a lockdown and all the negativity that has become part of living through this time.

I don’t mind the staying home and working from home. I don’t want to jump into life like it was before the Coronavirus. I am looking forward to having things be different when this is over. Kind of a life reset in a positive way , and the roots of the change have started now during this time of isolation and lots of self reflection. Maybe I can work from home more often, have new and more healthy routines or simpler forms of entertainment. All are things I am looking forward to this summer. Big trips and vacations will wait for a couple of years and they are things to really work for and look forward to in the future.

What has been difficult is realizing how some people don’t think that sacrifice is needed. It has devolved into a place where I can’t understand how people can even believe lies and conspiracy theories. How misinformation is spewed as fact and that people will defend their position with hatred so much. I have said all along this was a mind game and it is clear via social media as well as the news— those who are doing ok and those who are not. It has actually cause many empathic people to be deeply hurt and very concerned about the state of the human condition. I am not going to allow myself to dwell in that space.

I only point it out because it has formed my plan for the next month as our Stay Home, Stay Safe orders in Michigan have been extended till Mid May. I am truly focusing on my goals for the year and I chose “Self-Care” as my word for the year back in January. For the next three weeks, I am jumpstarting my exercise plan, slowly get some control of my diet and continue to hone in on my healthy routines. I am not going to get physically any weaker or gain any more weight. I wanna reverse that!

I am also going to continue to focus on why I make things as it is the cornerstone of keeping my mental health in a good place. I really want to slowly make a Dear Jane quilt, finish the projects on hand and create things with what I have in my stash. I also want to get back into playing music and I have this week by practicing the piano. I have a couple of things to make for other people but they aren’t going to be my main focus on making.

This week also took a beating on who I am as person on many fronts. I decided I am going to celebrate being an INTJ Gen X woman and I plan to get off social media and focus on what is important to me. I am celebrating my birthday a little early because I was given a lovely gift from my husband already a new computer. He is quite amazing! The computer is very cool and powerful.

I want to explore where my creativity will lead me in making both with materials in my hands as well as what I can do with the computer like writing stories, blogging , making videos , teaching people, helping people and even things I can’t imagine right now with the increased capabilities with the new machine. Watch this space is all I can say!

Stay strong!


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