Saturday Morning Coffee

The weather finally warmed up enough that the trees have tiny leaf buds on them. We don’t have much growth in our flower beds or grass yet , however, we have decent weather for the weekend and the big yard and garden clean up will be underway. To prepare for this I went to the garden center and walked around as my husband bought mulch.

Not as much is out at the garden center because of Covid 19, I am sure. There were plants and pots and soil and a few little fountains and fairy gardens but not all the usual things I would look at to dream of putting in my garden. I expected that. Not too many people were there so I wandered just inside the store to look at the house plants and to get some Neem Oil to get rid of the little gnats that have been living in the soil at the house. I was tempted to get a plant on the sale racks but thought better of it.

What amazed me is there were people who didn’t have masks on. Of course, they didn’t social distance and were quite defiant over it. They looked the the people who protested in Lansing, Michigan this week and I am sure they were supporters of stopping the Coronavirus Pandemic Executive orders to social distance and slowly re engage the businesses. This has been a huge thing in Michigan and it is quiet embarrassing to me because it is a small vocal group not the majority of Michiganders. Based on the traffic, the campers on the road and people in the stores many aren’t going to follow the orders. It’s spring and people are demanding their right to travel, camp and such. The state parks are closed so I don’t know where they are going with campers. I hope we can get food at the store because of the influx of people there is rumor the food chain may have some issues .

I was pretty nervous being in the store. I haven’t been in a store for the past 6 weeks. I have pretty much been home 24/7. I have only driven my car a few times. I am going to need a slow re entry program myself.

After the trip to the garden center, we continued our Friday night tradition of Buffalo Wild Wings. My husband went to pick them up. There were people inside trying to get seated! The executive order is no restaurants, bar, salons or gym till the end of May. More swearing and grandstanding by people, we should be used to it by now as a culture. I can’t believe people. So entitled. I am going to continue to follow the Governors orders and recommendations regardless of what the protestors do. My protest is quietly sitting at home, living my life and not being reckless regardless of what the White House believes. Its the silent revolution.

I am planning on working in the garden for therapy this weekend. I need to clean up the house because I see cobwebs and clutter. So much stuff is out because we are home all the time and using things that have no place to put away like the card table with my makeshift office and work computer on it. A little extra food on the counters, laundry is piled on the couch but not put away because I haven’t felt like doing it. Bad habits of not picking up are creeping in. Been getting my walk in most days, too and I feel that is a good habit to continue also.

Bad habits will be banished today and things will get picked up a little at a time. I am binding my last quilt. I am then going to move to long arming my quilt tops before I start on a few customer quilts. Evidently some quilters are making quilt tops! I have been working on a t shirt quilt and I need to get that done before the end of the month . Mask making is slowing down finally, it is a terrible soul sucking chore but necessary.

Off to banish the bad habits, the coffee is gone and its time to get moving,

be safe



  1. Good Saturday Morning!! Somehow my coffee does taste better on Saturday!
    Our world is also slowly turning green, the bunnies are no longer white and the robins are very busy building their nests!
    Ontario is taking a very careful and slow plan to reopen which I am so thankful for.
    I was doing ok until Tuesday…I was quilting the quilt that I am making for my Granddaughter who is due to arrive next week and it really hit me that I won’t be able to hold her right away. Even with our low numbers here I will not take the risk and thankfully my daughter won’t either.
    We do live in an entitled time, it’s sad to see the selfishness and rudeness displayed for all to see in our countries. Take care! Keep up the walking!!!


    • Thanks for reading and I find that I have bad days or moments that come out of the blue during this pandemic. I am hoping that as we all reopen a second wave won’t happen. I hope we can all see our family soon and I hope you can see the baby soon!


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