Saturday Moring Coffee

Today I am realizing that for the first time in a long time I am caught up. Being home so much is great because we are getting so much done. I feel like I am adulting like never before. We have completed a big decluttering project (believe me it is only phase one of many), getting ready to put a gym in the garage , making big plans for redoing the garden since the property line was ripped up by my neighbor. So now is the time to tackle redesigning the garden. I am keeping up on my jobs, chores and spring cleaning. Plus, I have been doing regular exercise and cooking a meal here and there. I feel like I have checked all the things on my to do list and it feels really, really good

Garden that a big makeover is planned

We are in a bit of a lull in the garden and garage project because other people need to do some work before we can move forward. I am making it a goal to work on getting out of the house in controlled social distancing situations as my next project. I have found that going back out into the community has been way harder that I thought it would be. I have several masks to choose from and I will wear mine regardless what others do. That’s where my anxiety comes from, other people getting too close and not wearing masks. I need to address this and not let it shrink my world to my home and garden. I am going to shower , put on some pants and get out there a little today,

I am enjoying the slow pace of life, slow long haul projects, slow stitching and all the Zen. I think I am going to really like this summer. It will be very simple and low key. I do hope to see the family downstate soon when travel is approved but until then projects keep me sane.


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