Saturday Morning Coffee

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I have been working on a few long term projects and I am inching my way along. I sewed a little. Knitted a little. Longarmed a little and finished the trip around the world quilt top over the past week. I am planning a quilt along at the end of July and I have that mapped out with a collaborator. Video conferencing and phone calls all day for work. It is a strange time but I have been working full time and I am not at a loss for things to do all while being at home during this pandemic.

The world has become both bigger and smaller all at once for me this week. All I see is the four walls of my house. I get to the yard everyday and I have been walking around the block. So very small this world. I was sick so I didn’t get to the grocery store last trip. I may go this week as I am feeling better. Last night to expand this tiny portion of my universe we drove through the wilderness area and checked on the lakes, trees, and roads. They were very good. We saw a few animals deer, elk, birds and porcupines. We saw a few humans camping around the lake and very few cars. Its easy to fall into the thought trap that there aren’t many people around because I don’t see them often with the pandemic and all.

But the world is very large through my computers and phone. I talk to people everyday for work in the region and I get to see them. Most of the time with a background photo to hide the mess in their house , I have a blank wall behind me so I choose different backgrounds everytime to not be boring. I call people a lot through my work computer and they are all over the nation!

I socialize with people from all over the country and interact with a world base. I find the whole thing so weird and cool all at once. What a strange thing to be so limited in my physical world but I can talk to people all over the world almost anytime. I hope to be able to visit some family soon but everytime I think it is safe to travel four hours south more outbreaks of the virus start and we decided it isn’t the right time to go.

So for a lovely sunny weekend ahead, I am going to work on beautifying my small physical world. I plan to plant some things in the garden, continue with the crafty things, maybe do some new projects and where ever my whims take me this fine day. Weekends are simple, full of work and lots of down time. The opposites that make the world go round.

Be Creative, Stay safe and quilt on!


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