Saturday Morning Coffee

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It has been so hot over the past several weeks that I have been indoor way too much. No walking, no gardening, hardly even getting out to get fresh air. Today that is all going to change because the high temp is 73. More like my kind of summer day. I really am not built for heat.

So much of our lives are still all about the pandemic. Mandatory mask wearing was put in place this week. Folks are done with the pandemic and are acting like it’s over. And the numbers show it. I don’t understand why people find this so offensive and they come up with ridiculous reasons not to wear a mask and social distance. I am really so sick of hearing about the pandemic, too. I am sick of wearing masks and not traveling and not seeing my family. I miss some of the things we used to do. I have found other things to do. I miss my vacations that were planned. Maybe those people don’t quilt, craft or create things. They don’t know what to do with themselves. And Denial is a strange and powerful thing.

So today I am planning to change up the routine and as soon as I am done with my coffee I am going outside. Get my hands in the ground and work on cleaning up the garden, move things around , thin out the overgrown stuff and spent plants. I am dreaming of where the trees will be planted, where the bird houses will go, feeders in the fall. I would like bat and butterfly houses too. It will be a process to reshape the garden and make it more presentable. It needs the structure of the trees before I will feel like I am not living in a fishbowl with both the front and back open to the public now.

The fairy gardens are doing well since they were moved. I am hoping the lavender makes it. So far that is the only plant moved that has protested. I have a whole lower level to the fairy garden that will be planted. I have established a nice Shire inspired theme. It represents magic, comfort, peace and all feelings that the Shire conjures. It doesn’t look like anything in the movie I suppose, it is more of a feeling that it inspires. That’s the whimsical feeling of the house and garden.

Lets hope I can make a dent in the work that needs to be done and has been staring me in the face for weeks. The time has finally arrived !


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