Saturday Morning Coffee

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For the past few nights I have been watching the Neowise Comet in our night sky. I have binoculars and it is a pretty spectacular comet with a long blue tail glowing behind the glittering ball. I really enjoy watching the night sky. I am hoping to see the Aug meteor showers and some northern lights before the skywatching season is over.

I am settling in for the summer I have named a Nostalgic summer like in the 70’s. I have been really enjoying the slow , simple things. We are nearing the final stages in our garden remodel. I may plant the lower fairy garden and move the last few plants from a raised bed that is being removed. I have been sitting in my lawn chair a little more watching the birds, insects, bats and rabbits visiting the yard. Very relaxing .

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I have been spending time investing in healthier things for me like a better eating plan now that the food chain is more stable. I am investing in quilting and crafting. I may even feel strong enough and brave enough to paint the kitchen , the paint is conveniently sitting on the counter top.

I miss travel a little bit and I miss the vacations we have canceled this year but something good has come of it. I am taking this time to just chill and create a world that I love to live in. Like Tasha Tudor who created her own little world named Corgiville and lived in a old fashioned life, I have been creating my modern internet connected world of the Shire. A place of cozy homely comfort and peace.

Life is simple, slow and homebound. I don’t expect it to change much as the pandemic continues and increases in cases rise. I am staying home and living my best life until I can get out and see people over a cuppa and a good meal.

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