Saturday Morning Coffee

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A three day weekend is here. It is going to be all about working around the house and in the garden. Today, we are going to put more work in on the garden first before the weather gets poor. This means planting the lower fairy garden, disassembling the last old fairy garden box, planting grass seed and clearing off the limestone patio of weeds. Then the garden project will be done until we can plant the Dwarf Alberta Spruce trees in the back near the property line on Labor Day Weekend, that’s the recommendation by the nursery for the best weather and time for the trees to get established by winter. I have some plants to move around here and there but that’s usual garden work. I have been gathering my photos and video clips of what the garden was before and after so I can make a YouTube video. I am proud of how we have been able to recover from this whole mess and make it something nice. If you are new to the blog, our neighbor started clearing storm damage on their property and it went all wrong into my yard and ruining my garden by clear cutting all the trees and digging a 4 foot trench in my garden. I get very upset still when thinking about it however, I think that I am able to see that it is all turning out for the better now.

Then we are painting the kitchen. We have had the paint and about 90 % of the needed tools. We went to the store this week and bought the ever important cutting in brush and spackle for a crack in the soffit. This was supposed to be part of the great renovation project 2 summers ago but the contractor ran out of time as we ran out of money. Good news is my husband is a pro level painter and I am just an ambitious assistant, lol! Wall washing and prep is today.

I have to say that one day feels like the next and the next. The only difference is work happens on some days here at home and others not. I move from chair to chair, take a little walk do a few chores and quilt a little here and there. Overall, its lovely and relaxing, boring and maddening, all at the same time. I am ready to change the decor in all the house I am so tired of it.

Instead I will pick one room to finish up. Then another and another. Freshen up the decor, lessen the clutter, get things in place. The more I am home the more I see that needs to be deep cleaned and organized better. I think some of it is just getting a bit stir crazy and then I get a critical eye to what this place looks like. Much like I do every year in February and March lol!

The cure is action and hard work. I plan that for the next three days and I hope to get half of what I want done and started on the other half.

Let’s go before it gets too hot!



  1. You have listed some ambitious projects. It will be worth it in the end, however.Im sure your reward are a few hours of quilting, etc.😊


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